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Cinematographer: Peter Pavlakis

Wonderful writer and director in his own right signs on as cinematographer for Trippers!


Peter Pavlakis is a Brooklyn-based videographer who has worked on quite a variety of projects. From videos for online education to promotional materials for companies to music videos to documentaries to conferences to TedX Mogadishu.  He writes. He directs. He fusses with the sound. He pretty much does some of everything.  Which was exactly what we needed for Trippers.  

This complex film was shot primarily on two long weekends. To achieve this, we divided up the cinematography. Peter was responsible for all the location scenes, the multi-character scenes, and a few of the interior house scenes. Dawn handled the majority of the interior house scenes, and Rockport establishing shots (like the storm).  Because of Peter's collaborative spirit, his work and that of the second unit (Dawn's work) blend seamlessly, and allow the photographic style (not the photographer) to speak for the characters and situations in the story. A mix of hand-held and tripod-mounted shots were used by both units. Leica was used for cool clarity. Canon was used for warmth -- on sticks for calm and hand-held for intimacy. iPhones were used, sparingly, for immediacy.