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Dailies: Our Blog

Notes from the director, cast and crew to give you a sneak peek into our production.


Thank you!

Dawn Epstein

I don't know whether we've set records, but we have got to have produced one of the most beautiful motion pictures ever made with a $4700 budget. Most importantly, "Trippers" is the story that I wanted us to tell, and though it isn't technically perfect (nor could it be at that level of funding) it is precisely what I set out for us to do.

I think we should stop for a moment and celebrate what we've all achieved together. To paraphrase Dezur: "We made a <bleeeeep>ing movie!".  It is done.  I never did have time to send out that Kickstarter campaign, so at this point, if you are reading this blog, you are a material contributor to the substance of the movie. Thank you -- for your participation, your "trippers", your critiques, your guidance.

Without funding, without fanfare, with a ton of heart, commitment, and passion -- we told this story. I can't wait to share  it more broadly.

And so, we've submitted it to festivals. Sundance. IFF/Boston. Sedona. CA Women's IFF. Paris IFF. And I'll submit it to more. Someone will want to show it, I expect.  Because, guys, this project embodies the very best of independent film making.


Your spirit, generosity, creativity, and joy.  Your desire to see something gentle and beautiful in the world.  Your willingness to take risks and do something few of us have done before. Your commitment to a project that was 1-1/2 years in the making.

We can promote, and we will. Still, we can't control what happens to the film from here on out.  This, therefore, is the moment to celebrate.

Party invitations coming soon! 

(And the next script is underway.)


Dawn Epstein

Your interest in our production gratifies and inspires us! As a thank you for your support, we've made this site to give you an insider's view of the process of making this film.

So, what are we up to right now?

Well, we've finished our preliminary screen tests for the script, and we've made some exciting casting decisions!  But this week, we audition The Dog.


The Dog.

Stay tuned.